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We know headaches, risks and losses on every step of production, storage and transportation of organic grains, seeds and pulses. We faced them as well, just as anybody. It took us time and effort, but we found simple and economic answers for any dry food products with humidity level up to 16%. We are happy to share them with you. leading sustainable technology, used in 115 different countries specializing in Ultra Hermetic storage, transport, and drying agri-solutions.


capacity- 5 -1000mt
The grainpro cocoon is a flood-protected and ultra-hermetic storage solution designed to safely store dry agricultural commodities without the need for chemicals. Made of flexible uv-resistant polyvinyl chloride, the grainpro cocoon guards against rodent attacks and prevents the exchange of air and moisture. It can also protect products from being damaged by floods below its zipper line. This solution has low permeability to air and moisture, enabling chemical-free storage and long-term preservation. Additionally, users will be able to monitor internal oxygen and relative humidity levels during operation.

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volume: 20, 40 ft2
The grainpro transafeliner™️ protects and preserves the quality of dry agricultural commodities placed in shipping containers.

The grainpro transafeliner™️ is made of high-strength polyethylene with proprietary barrier layer. It uses woven opp tape and nylon string for easy installation. It has excellent gas and moisture shielding properties which stops insect infestation, reduces the effects of condensation, and restricts the entry of moist ambient air which allows mold growth. Stored commodities are safely preserved without losses of quality and quantity even during trans-oceanic transit or storage wherein commodities are stored in bags and placed inside the grainpro transafeliner™️.


The grainpro bubble dryer is a tunnel-type dryer designed to dry agricultural commodities while protecting them against sudden rains and unpredictable weather. Using heated air, the commodities’ moisture content is vaporized and pushed out by ventilators through an exhaust port.

Using this solution, commodities can be dried at an average rate of 0.5% moisture content per hour (based on paddy and corn). However, with optimal conditions of high atmospheric temperatures, drying time is about 6 to 8 hours at the moisture content of 22% to 14%.

The grainpro bubble dryer comes in two different model types: (a) a solar model, operating solely through renewable solar energy, and (b) an electric model that uses electric power from the grid. Both model types provide rake mixer that can be used in all terrain and tube mixer (optional mixing device) which provide undulating motion during the mixing operation.

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volume: 15 kg,25-30 kg,69 kg
The grainpro bag zipper is your primary ultra-hermetic™️ solution for the safe storage of dry agricultural commodities. Made from high-strength pe with excellent water and air barrier properties, designed to safely preserve agricultural commodities without the need for chemical fumigants.

The grainpro bag zipper acts as an inner liner for jute bags and polypropylene bags. It comes equipped with a two-track hermetic zipper. Commodities can be stored for more than a year without the risk of moisture ingress. It stops insect infestation and inhibits the growth of fungal contaminants without affecting the quality of the goods. It also preserves the germination rate of stored seeds.

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